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Ant Dickinson

Digital Alienation

1st - 28th February 2018

Skelf is pleased to present Digital Alienation by Ant Dickinson with accompanying text by Artemis Crowley. The exhibition consists of three separate yet corresponding interactive works created using Javascipt, a web coding language. Using an entirely virtual medium, Digital Alienation explores physical, human ideas of loneliness, emphemerality and the organic within the machine. What begin as recognisable structures are quickly abstracted as we travel within them, creating a disorienting maze that alters our relationships with both form and content.

Working with text by writer and artist Artemis Crowley, Ant Dickinson allows us to visually manipulate her words, distorting and rearranging their meaning and sequence. There is no concrete terra-firma in the virtual space. Digital Alienation highlights the disengagement we have with content and message- everything is fluid, re-interpretable.

Click on the three images below to view the works. No images? Try disabling your ad-blocker for this page.

Ant Dickinson is a Musician, Sound Designer and Creative Technologist from North Wales, currently living in Catalonia and working internationally. He uses digital tools and automatic/generative processes to explore ideas of indeterminism and emergence.

Artemis Crowley is studying at Bath School of Art and Design.
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