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Tom Crawford >>


July 4th - 31st 2016



Limbo for the soul! How low can you go? If you're into leather, then this is for you. This is all for you. For you. This is for you. This is for alcoholics, anarcho-punks, BDSMs, beatniks, bimbos, bible-bashers, bin-dippers, bikers, bi-sexuals, bodybuilders, bohemians, bosozokus, the cacophony society, casuals, chongas, cleaners, crusties, cyber-goths, dancers, dandies, dark culture, deaf culture, demo-scensters, doomsters, druggies, emos, fanatics, fetishists, fairies, flagellants, freaks, fruits, furry fans, gays, geeks, glam rockers, glopniks, ghostfaces, goths, gothlolis, greasers, groovies, grungers, gutter-punks, hackers, hardcore-punks, hardliners, heavy-metal-heads, hip-hoppers, hippies, hipsters, idiots, I love you, it's for you, it's for you, it's for you, it's for you, jitters, jihadis, jocks, jugglers, junglists, lesbians, lighthouse-keepers, long-ears, loners, mangas, mods, metalcores, military brats, new agers, new romantics, neo-romantics, neo-neos, nerds, noctules, nocturnes, northern souls, nudists, odd-balls, otakus, otherkins, pachuos, piperstrelles, pokemons, the polyamorous, preppies, punks, quacks, queers, ravers, refusniks, riot grrrls, rivet-heads, rockabillies, rockers, role-players, rude boys. satanists, sci-fi fans, scooter boys, scouts, sex workers, skaters, skinheads, soulboys, spies, steampunks, stoics, straight edgers, surfers, survivalists, swing kids, swingers, teenyboppers, teddy boys, thugs, toilet-talkers, tran-sexuals, trekkies, trolls, vampires, vloggers, video gamers, worms, and zazous. This is all for you. However you make your marginalisation work. You're low and alone. You're up late. I'm low and alone. I'm up late. And in the only magical way possible, through this detached medium of radio, we are alone together. This is for you. This is all for you. Where are the jitters now? Who's jittering now? Where are you now? All alone at home? Walking alone by the lake? Stillness at the lake. Stillness. Stillness before the bats flash past you. The bats. Flap. Flash. Imagine the bats. Imagine the bats.

Sam Hasler, 2016


Tom Crawford is a London based artist who works with video, large-scale posters, painting and installation. His new video Me, the Boy and Ravenside can be viewed here >>

Sam Hasler is a Wales-based artist working with writing, prints, performance, and installations.