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Robert Luzar >>


October 3rd - November 6th

you may
you may pick, approach, stretch, direct, look through, unstick and re-stick, take time, look again
and it may go on, it may go on again and in different ways, dust may gather, you may raise one foot
and yet, but, and also, but then again
the language of permission, of tentative advice, brings about a breakdown
you may
and yet, but, and also, but then again – you may not.
in the very process of being performed, the action exposes its own radical contingency and comes undone
the how collapses into a why
the conditions of doing become conditions of re-doing and un-doing
actions begin, change course, stall, restart, end
without completion
how many parts are there in it
and how many reasons for acting and not acting, or acting differently
it all hangs together precariously like an object made of separate parts before the screws have been tightened
you may use it – but at your own risk.
stages a demonstration
against action – or rather
against a way of taking actions for granted
it breaks them down into action parts
each with reasons for and against
each as exposed as a question

why not.

Francesco Galiardi, 2016

Demonstrations is a group of four videos, showing how certain actions may or may not be made by viewers. Each week one video will be added, the first week showing one, the next week two, then three, and, finally, a fourth video. View the work >>

Robert Luzar is an artist based in Bath, England, and Senior Lecturer in Fine Art at the Bath Spa School of Art and Design, Bath Spa University.

Francesco Gagliardi is an artist based in Toronto, Canada.