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Jackie Haynes >>

Dada 100⅚

December 5th - January 8th

For the Centenary Year of Dada, artist and PhD candidate Jackie Haynes has been foregrounding the so-called ‘spirit of dada’ in her art practice. Interested in the idea that dada could be regarded as a virus, she also considers another possibility of it being a bacterial infection. If this was the case, would it be possible to develop dada anti-biotics to eradicate the bacterial infection and control the symptoms? With no such medication currently available, the December edition of Skelf plays host to the site evidencing selected artist-led dada activities, such as this Dada 100⅚ Annual Report video, made in collaboration with Collective North.

Jackie Haynes completed MA Textiles in 2014 at Manchester Metropolitan University after establishing and running design practice, House of Haynes Bespoke Costumes & Fancy Dress Hire, since 1995. She is currently undertaking practice-based PhD research into Kurt Schwitters’ legacy of MERZ at University of Cumbria.