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Ella Lucas >>

Shingle Dimple

June 12th - July 10th 2017

Skelf SITE presents a new work, Shingle Dimple by the artist Ella Lucas. Lucas's work explores the ambiguous figure 'she'- a figure both human and geological- through a collage of digital videos and animations. The exhibition is be accompanied below by a new text work by the artist and writer Susie Pentelow.

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As I reached the lip I stopped but my body kept curling around, winding towards the pit like a tree towards the sun.


You uncoil your tongue and taste salt. A trail of your drool is sliding across the sand, cleaving a shallow vein in the beach. It snakes into the dunes, deepening its path so that reeds are uprooted, causing flurries of sand to burst in the air. As the vein deepens, it meets powdery rocks, which explode in puffs. Vein grows into gorge, and the landscape rumbles as its crust fractures. Soon, the valley is obscured in a throbbing cloud of dust. Then liquid begins to hiss at the bottom of the crevice. It ripples and rises. It soothes the fierce air, smoothing flyaway particles back to the ground.


Ocean buttering the way
I hover below pulsing walls and ceilings
That hum soft industrious

over over over
there with the stream
and again

I am tomorrow soaring into light.

Susie Pentelow, 2017

Ella Lucas is an artist, living and working in the garden of England.

Susie Pentelow is an artist and writer based in Providence, Rhode Island. She runs the digital publication Traction and exhibits in the UK and USA.