Ways & Means


The global pandemic has forced artists to work in new ways. Many are without their studios, materials, collaborators, or the time, space and funds to make work as they have in the past. However, out of these challenges, fresh approaches are emerging.

Since 2016, Skelf has championed artwork that functions without physical form, allowing it to become more accessible and easily shared with a potentially global audience. These works are not the poor relation to something that takes place in real life, but a celebration of what is possible in the unlimited virtual space.

Ways & Means is a group exhibition opening on Skelf.org.uk on 22/7/20. We invite any artists who have found new ways and means to be productive in the present time to share their work with us, and a curated selection will be included in the exhibition. The works can take any form, but the original work must be sharable through a website (as opposed to a photograph of something that exists elsewhere).

To apply, please click the below link and fill in the Google form. To send work, please either upload a file (up to 1mb) or send a link to a file uploaded elsewhere. For example, a video uploaded onto Youtube. Please ensure that any uploaded files are not set to 'private' or password protected. The selection process will take place in early June and all artists contacted shortly after.
Any questions? Email us at hello@skelf.org.uk

We look forward to hearing from you!

Skelf is a virtual project space, accessible to anyone, everywhere.

Existing entirely online since 2016, we have presented work by over 100 artists and writers on our virtual platform. You can view these works in our archive.

In 2019 we launched our new series of quarterly group exhibitions, each presented by a different guest curator. Our seventh, 'Ways & Means' has been selected from an open call of new work made during the Coronavirus pandemic and opened on July 22nd 2020.

Accompanying each of our quarterly shows is a new podcast by Mark Beldan, who speaks to the curators and further explores the ideas behind each exhibition. You can listen, download or subscribe to the podcast below- or through your usual podcast supplier.

say: hello@skelf.org.uk