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Give it a Shot. VVV: on Violence Visibility Viruses(2020)  
Always Accept Cookies (2020) 
Consensual Cannibalism (Sacred Nugget) (2018)  
no-longer-being-able-to-be-able an online art project unpacking the unease in excessive everyday life impacted by neoliberal culture of limitless productivity and growth. It aims to explore the possible ways of recognition, articulation and interrogation amid overloaded, oversaturated, and overdrawn beings.
Section 2
Digital and internet cultures are profuse in emotions, ideologies and spectacles on the surface, while the core is shaped by judgements, regulations, violences, terms and conditions. Some may say that we have no choice.
In fact, plenty of choices are offered: stream with CreativeMinds, Accept All Cookies, make a political meme on Instagram, or enjoy surveillance as a culture.

Joshua Citarella, DANK (Grant Bingham, Tori Carr, James D. Hopkins, Ian Williamson, and Zen Khalid), Donatella Della Ratta, Frankie Roberts
Politigram & the Post-left (2020)