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For writers who work with art, and artists who work with writing

Skelf aims to increase its platform for art writing by pairing each virtual exhibition on Skelf SITE with a text work by a writer or an artist. The pool is a mailing list for writers or artists who are interested in contributing a work to appear on Skelf SITE.

Thank you for your interest in Skelf Pool. We are aiming to find out as much as we can about your writing so that we can make the most interesting and relevant pairings between artists and writers. We are interested in hearing from writers or artists exploring language in its widest sense- from poetry to criticism and everything in between. Selections will be made based on the strength of the provided examples and common interests with the exhibiting artist, and we encourage responses that have not previously been published.

Please provide us with links to previous work(s) so that we can see examples of how you work, and a few key words or phrases that give an indication of your areas of interest. This might be subjects or themes that particularly interest you, maybe you have worked with them in the past or maybe you would be interested in working with them in the future. 

A few examples:
- technology, modern life, loneliness, communication
- identity, cultural appropriation, poetry, rhythm, translation
- art reviews, critique and opinion, contemporary painting
- abstract language, landscape, weather, atmosphere
- humour, puns, politics, topical themes

We look forward to hearing from you.

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Once a writer has featured on Skelf SITE they will be removed from the Pool mailing list.

Exhibitions in/on Skelf SITE are held for one calendar month, at, after which they are put in the Skelf Archive, which continues to be accessible in perpetuity.

There is no artist fee for taking part, there is no charge to apply. Existing entirely online, Skelf SITE is accessible to anyone, anywhere.